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Manuel Barbará is a metal guitarist and composer from the East Coast of the United States who combines the aggression and technical mastery of heavy metal with formal and harmonic concepts learned from the great composers of the 19th and 20th century. Trained at Berklee College of Music (2020, Guitar and Composition), Manuel brings his love of modern “classical” music and composition to bear on the progressive rock that has always inspired him. His compositions, whether for metal band or chamber ensemble, aim to unify these two disparate spheres of music.


His guitar playing is precise and disciplined and his compositions are carefully constructed pieces, full of ambiance and color.  Talking about his music Barbará says: "The purpose of music for me, after all the craft and technique and study are done, is to draw the listeners in and allow them to experience totally new worlds. The details of those worlds will be up to each individual person".


His first album Moonrise was released in March 2021.

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